The coaching box includes the education box, but also access to {1} Hour session of one-on-one coaching with one of the Passive Income Tribe Coaches which may include a personal session with our CEO and Founder.  


What to expect from your One-On-One Coaching Session:

  • You complete our onboarding document
  • Coach reviews it to determine call plan of action
  • You set your appointment using our calendar tool
  • You will be sent a link to access the zoom call

Additional coaching sessions are available if needed


What to expect from your Inner-Circle Coaching:

  • Small group size sessions via zoom
  • Questions are submitted before hand
  • Coach covers the questions one-by-one
  • Participants can ask follow up questions
  • Some sessions are broken down by box level

For example, a particular coaching session may be made only available to Branding Box Members or Freedom Box Members, etc. while others may be open to anyone interested in the sessions topic for that day.


What to expect from your Group Coaching:

  • Each Box has its own forum where participants can ask each other questions
  •  Coaches also participate in providing feedback where warranted or needed
  •  Group sessions are done via conference call and designed around submitted questions


What to expect from Text Coaching:

  •  Open to anyone that is a Coaching Box Member
  •  Access to text a coach directly with time-sensitive requests
  •  Only available during the weekdays for a few hours each day
  •  Coaches usually respond within 30 minutes of initial text


Why pay thousands of dollars for coaching when you can get the Coaching Box for a one time investment of $500, plus the monthly membership fee of $50?


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