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Our Philosophy

Here’s what I want you to understand, WE NEVER STOP LEARNING! You are not a know-it-all and you don’t want to be around people that live like they know everything. Yes, these people exist. The core of your Tribe Membership centers around learning.

What Kind of Learning? Well, you will learn a lot about you, life and developing the skills needed to build a Freedom Business. When we at the Tribe say, “Freedom Business” we are talking about three types of freedom.

1.       Financial Freedom

2.       Time Freedom

3.       Location Freedom

First, Financial Freedom means you are no longer living paycheck-to-paycheck. You can do this in two ways.

1.       Create an Income Stream 3X are more than your debt. In other words, 3X your income to debt ratio. Create a walk-away income, where you no longer depend on your job.

2.       Create a supplemental income source. Contrary to what most will tell you, not everyone hates their jobs. Many people love their jobs, they just need a secondary source of income that doesn’t impact their ability to live life fully.

The average person that files bankruptcy does so because they usually come up short each month by $400 to $500. That’s it! Just an extra $400 to $500 each month would go a long way in many households.

Our system will show you step-by-step how to do both. The choice is yours.

Second, Time Freedom means you have the time to enjoy the wealth you are creating. Believe it or not, many rich people do not have the time to enjoy the money they are earning. They are too busy working 80+ hours each week.

Our system will teach you how to work as little as an hour each day, but is it really work when you are doing what you love to do?

Third, Location Freedom means you can work from anywhere in the world you choose. You are not bound to a desk in an office. You decide where you are when you work. The beach, the mountains, another country or in an office behind a desk, but the choice truly is yours.

Our system gives you this freedom if you can follow our plan of action.

These are just a few of the things you will learn as a Tribe Member.

Earn – I am going to be real here with you for a moment. Are multiple streams of income good? Absolutely! However, why would you go all in creating multiple streams of income, when you haven’t even mastered one yet? YOU SHOULDN’T. Master one, then move to the next one.

First things first, you have a business within your Tribe Membership. Actually, it is possible to create financial freedom from this one business alone. With just two active members your membership is now free AND you have profited $300. As an example, say you average ten new members a month for six. That’s an average of $1500.00 each month in upfront commissions. That’s an increase of $9000 to your income in just six months.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Don’t forget your residual income. Every ten members represents $250 in residual monthly income. Over a six-month period, your residual income would increase to $1500. Of course, this is just an example. It could be more or less depending on several factors all of which you control.

AND EVEN MORE! You can choose to make even more utilizing the Freedom Businesses options in the members only area. There are no shortages of ways you can make money if you are willing to put forth some effort.

Live – Once you start Learning and start Earning you are creating for yourself the opportunity to start living life on your terms. It can be something as simple as no more alarm clock or something bigger like moving across the country. Maybe you would give more of your time and/or money to charities that matter to you. The point is simple, you can live life on your terms.

As you begin your journey, remember this, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! You are now a part of the Tribe!